Benefits of Attic Insulation

  • Warmer and more comfortable home
  • Save money by reducing your energy bills
  • Improve the BER rating and the value of your home
  • No more danger of burst pipes in your attic as we insulate them as well
  • Contributing to reducing your homes carbon footprint

Total cost starts from

*€1750 incl. VAT

including all water tanks and pipework + 6 roof tile vents (for attic ventilation)

*price based on standard 3 bedroom Semi-detached house - 40m2 attic 200mm top-up

We are SEAI registered Contractor.

SEAI Grant - Get €800 - €1500 towards your attic insulation!

* Homes built and occupied before 2011

There are two options when insulating attics

Option 1

300mm (12") - The ceiling level insulation between and over the joists. This is the required option for both living/non-living area within the attic, this will stop heat escaping through your ceiling and is one of the first things done before installing flooring within your attic.

attic insulation ceiling level between the joists

Option 2

The insulation between the rafters. This would be suitable if you intend to use the attic as a living space which will keep these new living quarters nice and warm.

insulation between the rafters

In addition to topping up insulation to 12 inches (300mm), we do the following:

  • Insulate your water tanks
  • Insulate all pipes
  • Insulate and draft proof your attic hatches
  • Build an insulated walkway to the water tanks
  • Cover recessed lights using fire rated covers
  • Insulate your hot water cylinder (if required)
  • Install attic vents (if required)

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