Desk Separator Screenus™

MaterialsAcoustic foam, MDF board, acoustic textile and aluminium bottom frame
Colour(available in 22 colours)
Dimensions140 X 40 X 4 cm (or per custom requests)
Weight7.5 kg (will vary for custom requests)

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    SCREENUS™ is a professional desk separator providing acoustic comfort in the workplace.

    Sound insulation and sound absorption screen for desks SCREENUS™ provides acoustic shade in the workplace, depending on the seating position. It reduces the volume in the range from 3 to 9 decibels.

    The two-sided sound absorption layer improves the acoustic environment in the room and reduces unwanted noise.

    (available in 22 colours)


    Additional information

    Weight7.5 kg
    Dimensions140 × 40 × 4 cm

    T1 Black Cat, T2 Caribbean Sand, T3 Today`s Herald, T4 Coffelandia, T5 Bitter Chocolate, T6 Rubies are Red, T7 Violet Candy, T8 Baby Elephant, T9 Mr. Grey, T10 Lead Arrow, T11 Nikotiana rustica, T12 Frog`s Romance, T13 Jet Set, T14 Stone Breaker, T15 Soft Powder, T16 London Mist, T17 Smoke Eyes, T18 True Turquise, T19 My Father`s Jacket, T20 Chocolate Souffle, T21 Moroccan Sun, T22 Purple Haze

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