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Unit 1,
Ballymount Cross Industrial Estate,
Ballymount Road Lower, Dublin 24,
D24 HK79.

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Quote Date June 16, 2020
Valid Until September 14, 2020
Total €3,687.00
Jake Plunkett



Introduction to the project:

The System with resilient bars has been designed to act as a shock absorber in structure. When the sound hits the decoupled layer of sound plasterboard it will begin to vibrate, however since the plasterboard is isolated it will absorb most of the vibrations, meaning they are unable to reach the main structure. Also, we will install the sound blocking membrane between two sound plasterboards.

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Quotation and instructions for the soundproofing of the party wall:

1) decouple the ceiling and the sidewalls from the main structure (not applicable on the solid structure)
2) create the timber partition with a minimum of 20mm gap away from the main structure
3) insulate the new partition wall with acoustic insulation
4) install the resilient bars system on top of the new partition wall
5) install the first layer of the sound plasterboard and seal the gaps around the entire wall (leave the gap on the sides, minimum of 5mm)
6) install acoustic mat on top of the first layer of the sound plasterboard
7) install acoustic foam on top of the acoustic mat
8) install the second layer of the sound plasterboard and acoustic sealant around the new structure (note that the first layer of the sound plasterboard need to be 15mm and second 12,5mm)
9) plaster the walls

The new wall is ready to paint!

Qty Service RateSub Total
1 Noise reduction for party wall

Party wall size: 12,5 sq m

Products specifications :

* 15mm and 12,5mm Sound plasterboard
* Acoustic or fire sealant
* 10mm acoustic foam (closed cell foam)
* 70mm timber
* Sound isolation resilient bars (metal)
* Visco - elastic membrane (heavy loaded vinyl)
* Skim coat

The project could take up to 3 days for the installation of the system and additional 6 to 8 hours to plaster the wall.

Note: not treated area could leak some of the noise!

Sub Total €3,248.46
VAT @ 13.5 % €438.54
Total €3,687.00

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