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house soundproofing


If you're suffering from noisy neighbours, high levels of traffic noise or any other kind of noise pollution, we can help to soundproof your home.

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recording studio soundproofing


Soundproof your home or commercial recording studio so that you can achieve better acoustics and also enjoy making new music without worrying about noise.

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acoustic wall ceiling soundproofing insulation dublin


Having soundproofing installed not only improves the acoustical value of your property but also improves the thermal rating too. When adding insulation to the floor walls and ceilings will help preserve heat which is good for keeping the costs down during the colder, winter months.

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Unfortunately, we don't do apartment soundproofing.

Pro Insulation soundproofing specialists are happy to discuss your noise problems, and have friendly experienced staff available to asses the right soundproofing solution for your individual circumstances. Should you require support, experienced technical advice or wish to place an order please contact us below:

    "One of the finest soundproofing companies I have ever worked with. They are professional, and they have always done an amazing job for anything we have had them do"

    ~ John Dunne